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Buying Body Kits Online

Buying a body kit for your vehicle online can be a difficult decision for a variety of factors. Whether it is the hefty price tag, the sheer number of styles and options to choose from, the fear of selecting a kit that will not stand the test of time or the reality that you may not be able to install a kit without professional assistance there are a lot of reasons to be hesitant. A quick search on the internet will yield tons of results showing that these and other issues are real obstacles one should consider before purchasing a kit online. Fortunately for all parties involved,one of the premier manufacturers of aftermarket body kits in the USA, Extreme Dimensions, has produced a video which walks you through the possible pitfalls one can encounter when buying a body kit online and how to successfully navigate them.


For those of you who didn’t feel like spending the 3 minutes of your life watching the video, the main points are:

  1. Always check for damage when you get the kit–even if the box looks okay. If any part of the kit is damaged or parts are missing be sure write this on the shipping label when you sign or you could be in for a lot of trouble like these Yelpers.
  2. If there is minor scuffing you DO NOT need to note it as this will not affect the final product when installed.
  3. DO have these kits professionally installed as many kits will need to be modified to completely fit simply due to the materials from which they are made.

If you follow these simply tips you can pretty much count on getting the best bang for your buck and having a successful outcome at the same time. Still, when buying a body kit from a website it isn’t always easy to know which material to choose (and, here’s a hint: price may not always be the best guide). So, what do you choose?

What Type of Body Kit Material Should I Choose?

According to a great article written by Justin Gazzara on, the four main materials that one should consider when purchasing a body kit are:

  1. ABS Plastics
  2. Polyurethane
  3. Fiberglass
  4. Carbon Fiber

Each of these has distinct advantages and disadvantages which we will discuss briefly to give you a good idea of how to proceed.

ABS plastics are probably one of the most common materials found in the construction of most of today’s aftermarket accessories. Although I will spare you the details of how ABS plastic is made suffice it to say that it is impact and heat resistant while being chemically non-reactive. It is so durable, in fact, that it is the material of choice for many OEM manufacturers. When it comes to cost ABS kits are a great deal for the money, is easier to paint than fiberglass but it also much heavier and less flexible than the alternatives.

Aero Function

Polyurethane is a great material for body kits due to its unparalleled flexibility. Unfortunately, they are more difficult to produce and, as a result, are more expensive than ABS kits. However, if you’re considering doing a DIY installation (despite my warnings not to) then a polyurethane kit is the way to go, especially when compared to fiberglass.  Best of all, unlike fiberglass, poly kits can withstand minor impacts without breaking so they are certainly a better deal for anyone who will be driving their vehicle on a daily basis (i.e., most of us who don’t have pure show cars).

Despite how much we have seemingly maligned fiberglass it is the most common material used in body kit construction for good reason. It is pretty easy to manufacture and is relatively inexpensive. Probably the most important thing to consider when purchasing fiberglass is the company you’re buying from because there are differing levels of quality and you certainly don’t want to be left with a cheap kit that will immediately crack out of the box. Also, if you go the fiberglass route you simply CANNOT attempt installation on your own. If you watched the video above you will note that even body shops with years in the business may not know how to install a body kit unless they have experience with aftermarket, fiberglass body kits so don’t waste your time or money by attempting it yourself.

Carbon fiber is the holy grail of aftermarket accessories. Again, I’ll spare you the details on the chemical composition but it is both incredibly strong and ultra-light makingthem ideal for performance driving and in race cars. For the rest of us, however, carbon fiber is really about adding the mystique and improving the aesthetic of our rides. In addition, they are, like poly kits, usually ready to be installed right out of the box without modification. The only real con about carbon fiber body kits is the fact that they are so darn expensive.

The Final Analysis

So, what have we learned? Simply that yo can buy a body kit online with condfidence but that you need to do your homework. Body kits are expensive and require a lot of work to install so don’t go rushing in without know what to expect or you will regret it. Be smart and follow the advice above and you can enjoy the low prices found online and the look of a great body kit.


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The new ‘Legend’ series of limited edition signed Aston Martin car photographs by UK commercial advertising and car photographer Tim Wallace.

An exclusive selection of high quality professional prints, hand finished and signed by the artist, photographer Tim Wallace
Each print is A2 in size (420 x 594 mm — 16.5 x 23.4 in) and comes finished with a semi matt lustre to give the best possible representation of this stunning artwork.

All prints utilise the latest UltraChrome K3 pigmented ink technology which dramatically improves the vibrancy and colour accuracy. This technique prints with an expanded colour gamut incorporating high density pigments allowing the reproduction of the colours and tonality that were originally envisioned at the point of capture by the photographer.
Each print in the series will be strictly limited to a run of 50 in number.

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Continental GT GTC AF-1 Body Kit (GFK)

Made from GlasseFibre Komposite, the Bentley Continental AF-1 Body Kit is a strong, lightweight and robust material made of milled and cross-woven fibres. Through this proprietary process this material results in excellent flexibility and durability. Our Glass Fibre Komposite products come standard with a double-layered signature gray primer to ensure the preparation process is minimized while providing a superior finish when completed.

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Aero Function


Aero Function® Rear Bumper Kit

This rear bumper is a replacement piece that provides a visual upgrade to your vehicle’s rear end with supremely aggressive styling. Advanced design and construction ensures light weight and high strength that will maintain integrity over many years and miles. Bumper comes ready to paint in gray primer and installs easily using existing factory mounting points.

Aero Function has been engineering and manufacturing carbon fibre plastics and glass fibre composites for over 10 years within the automotive, commercial and retail markets. Our extensive experience and expertise in high performance composite production allows us to produce parts in-house without sacrificing quality, fitment or value.

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The process of buying a used car can seem a bit daunting at first glance due to the many considerations a buyer needs to make before purchasing. Unlike the purchase of a new car, most used car’s do not come with a warranty of any kind and have histories which may be unknown to the buyer (even if the savvy shopper decides to go in for a CarFax report). I goes without saying then that when considering buying used cars in Charlotte NC you want to do business with a dealership that has a proven track record of delivering only the highest quality used cars with a history of top-notch customer service  to match.


As we noted at the outset, pre-owned cars bring with them a unique set of considerations that new vehicles do not which is why finding the right dealership is all the more important. At Ride Now Motors, they understand that used car salesman don’t have the best reputation in the world which is why they work to go above and beyond the call of duty and to provide customers with the best possible service. In addition, sales staff at Ride Now pride themselves on treating every customer with dignity and respect regardless of their financial standing or credit history.


In short, if you’re located in the Queen City and find yourself in need o f an affordable yet high-quality vehicle come to the people at Ride Now Motors. Their friendly nd understanding staff will guide you through the buying process and ensure that you will not be financing a car you can’t afford. And, of course, their trusty and dependable service staff will guarantee that the vehicle you drive off the lot will last for years to come.




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Mercedes E-Class Sedan 

Thanks to our friends at Fancy Tuning, we were alerted to the news of an amazingly tuned Mercedes E-Class sedan. This kit Part of their Black Bison line of kits.

In short, the all-new, aerodynamic package overhaul includes a redesigned front bumper, LED daytime running lights, matte black accents, side skirts, fender extensions, a rear bumper with diffuser, vents all around, roof spoiler and trunk spoiler.

Read more:

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extended auto warranty

Automotive Service Plans

Ask just about anyone you know who owns a car and they will tell you that routine maintenance and repair costs are the single, largest expense they have to pay for out of pocket on a yearly basis. As a result, a number of businesses have sprung up to offer extended service plans for  vehicles that no longer have outlived the manufacturer’s auto warranty or were purchased from private sellers.

Are You a Risk-Taker?

Unless you’re a gambler or incredibly wealthy you may want to seriously consider finding a reputable, after-market retailer of extended warranties and service plans. Even a minor fender bender can run into the thousands of dollars not to mention a seized engine or shot transmission so if you think you don’t have the cash to pay for the protection of a warranty or service plan now what will you do when you’re faced with a bill for hundreds of times that amount?  Fortunately, if you’re still reading this we can assume you’re not yet in this position so act now and find an affordable, extended service plan for your vehicle today.

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