The process of buying a used car can seem a bit daunting at first glance due to the many considerations a buyer needs to make before purchasing. Unlike the purchase of a new car, most used car’s do not come with a warranty of any kind and have histories which may be unknown to the buyer (even if the savvy shopper decides to go in for a CarFax report). I goes without saying then that when considering buying used cars in Charlotte NC you want to do business with a dealership that has a proven track record of delivering only the highest quality used cars with a history of top-notch customer service  to match.


As we noted at the outset, pre-owned cars bring with them a unique set of considerations that new vehicles do not which is why finding the right dealership is all the more important. At Ride Now Motors, they understand that used car salesman don’t have the best reputation in the world which is why they work to go above and beyond the call of duty and to provide customers with the best possible service. In addition, sales staff at Ride Now pride themselves on treating every customer with dignity and respect regardless of their financial standing or credit history.


In short, if you’re located in the Queen City and find yourself in need o f an affordable yet high-quality vehicle come to the people at Ride Now Motors. Their friendly nd understanding staff will guide you through the buying process and ensure that you will not be financing a car you can’t afford. And, of course, their trusty and dependable service staff will guarantee that the vehicle you drive off the lot will last for years to come.




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Mercedes E-Class Sedan 

Thanks to our friends at Fancy Tuning, we were alerted to the news of an amazingly tuned Mercedes E-Class sedan. This kit Part of their Black Bison line of kits.

In short, the all-new, aerodynamic package overhaul includes a redesigned front bumper, LED daytime running lights, matte black accents, side skirts, fender extensions, a rear bumper with diffuser, vents all around, roof spoiler and trunk spoiler.

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extended auto warranty

Automotive Service Plans

Ask just about anyone you know who owns a car and they will tell you that routine maintenance and repair costs are the single, largest expense they have to pay for out of pocket on a yearly basis. As a result, a number of businesses have sprung up to offer extended service plans for  vehicles that no longer have outlived the manufacturer’s auto warranty or were purchased from private sellers.

Are You a Risk-Taker?

Unless you’re a gambler or incredibly wealthy you may want to seriously consider finding a reputable, after-market retailer of extended warranties and service plans. Even a minor fender bender can run into the thousands of dollars not to mention a seized engine or shot transmission so if you think you don’t have the cash to pay for the protection of a warranty or service plan now what will you do when you’re faced with a bill for hundreds of times that amount?  Fortunately, if you’re still reading this we can assume you’re not yet in this position so act now and find an affordable, extended service plan for your vehicle today.

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Caliper Paint or Covers?

When you’re thinking of customizing your brake calipers you have a few options: you can purchase aftermarket replacements by big name brands like Brembo; you can pick up a set of inexpensive plastic imitations, you can purchase a set of covers from a company like MGP; or you can go the completely custom route with caliper paints from a trusted name like Dupli-Color. The real question is why would you choose paint when the other options seem to offer more or less the same results?

You Really Can See the Difference

The video above is a great little video put together by the folks a Rvinyl and showcases the ABS brand of plastic calipers. As you can see, attractive as they are from a distance, they fail to add any protection to the calipers. In comparison, the Dupli-Color paint offers a variety of colors and may even protect against corrosion and rust.

Features of Dupli-Color Paint Kits

  • EZ Touch® Conical Nozzle
  • Ceramic resins resist heat up to 500°F
  • Fast drying durable finish
  • Dry to touch in 30 Minutes
  • Handle in 1 Hour
  • Resistant To chipping, chemicals, and brake dust
  • For use on brake calipers, rotors, and drums

As yo can see from the list of features, this paint can be used on just about any part of the brake unlike caliper covers or other aftermarket accessories. In the end, the caliper paint is far more versatile and protects the brakes in a way most other accessories cannot.

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Paint Protection Kits – PPF for the Rest of Us

Posted: January 16, 2014 by Michael Rickicki in Paint Protection Films

Volkswagen Paint Protection Kits

Paint Protection Kits | Clear Bras | Paint Protective Film

Ever thought about adding paint protection film to your vehicle’s exterior but decided it just wasn’t worth the expense? For most of us, we often feel that PPF (paint protection films) are either out of our budget or don’t make sense since our  vehicle’s aren’t brand new but Rshield films are a complete game changer. Now, for a fraction of the cost of other brands we can protect our investments and prevent UV damage and a host of other problems from wreaking havoc on our paint jobs.

An Offer You Can’t Refuse

The film shown above is 4mil thick and will protect against dust, debris, scratching, scuffing and UV rays. And, best of all, the whole process can begin for as little as $9.99. Whether you want to do just your door handles, your mirrors or your entire from fascia, has the sheet for you. In addition to uncut rolls tey also offer a variety of precut kits but their inventory is truly staggering so we won’t try to make a list. If you’re interested we suggest you check them out here: Precut Paint Protection


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Step 1: Determine a location for the USB Power Outlet
Picture of Finding a location for the USB power plug
Find an unused outlet such as a 12 volt auxiliary power opening in the front center console. Disassemble the center console and remove the plastic housing of the blank outlet and the 12 volt auxiliary.
Step 2: Obtain a USB 12 volt car adapter
Picture of The USB 12 volt car adapter
Disassemble a USB power adapter and remove the circuit board from the plastic housing, then remove the 12 volt supply wires.
Step 3: Prepare Outlet
Once the blank cover (plug) is removed, it is often filled with a dense lattice of plastic. To fit the USB power circuit in it, a lot of the plastic will need to be removed. Use an Exacto knife remove the plastic lattice.
Step 4: Fitting the USB Circuit Board
Use a Dremel tool with a grinding attachment to pair down the USB’s circuit board until it slides into the hollowed out cover. Once the fit is secure you need to make the port hole.
Step 5: Making the hole for the USB power
Picture of Making the hole for the USB power
Use a USB cable to draw a stencil of the opening and cut out with box cutter after drilling pilot holes in the four corners.
Step 6: Wiring
Picture of Wiring
Once  the port has been trimmed, wire the 12 volt power to the USB adapter. Soldere the ground from the USB board to the cigarette adapter, and attached the positive end to a nut on the back.
Step 7: Fixing the LED
Picture of Fixing the LED
The USB board has a 2 color LED to indicate power and charging. If you want the light to shine behind the USB plug de-soldere the LED and reposition it to face forward.Additional wire may need to be added to the board to attach the LED.
Step 8: Securing the USB board
Picture of Securing the USB board
Ensure that the  12 volt accessory and USB power are working. Once they are you will need to  glue the package into place to prevent it falling back into the center console.
Step 9: Final install
Picture of Final install
Allow the glue cure overnight.

Rugged Off Road Electric Vehicles

A not so recent post over at Restyling Mag discussed the potential for EVs (electric vehicles) to enter and, hopefully, someday rule the off-road roost now dominated by gas hogs such as Jeep and Land Rover.

I’m excited about the possibilities here but disheartened by the fact that many Americans and consumers worldwide just aren’t taking heed of not only the need for EVs environmentally but their advantages (as this piece highlights). Unfortunately, in a recent article here:… the US Dept of Energy predicts that by 2040 the majority of vehicles on US roads will stll use gas.